Friday, January 26, 2007

Pregnancy sells

File this under "Things that make you go hmmm."

An expectant mother in Chicago wants to trade ad space on her swollen tummy in exchange for two tickets to the Super Bowl.

According to the Associated Press, Jennifer Gordon's online advertisement reads, "I will agree to have your message painted on my belly visible to Super Bowl attendees and the millions of fans around the world who watch."

Now, call me old fashioned (call me anything you want, but just don't call me late to dinner), but is nothing sacred anymore? It seems to me that a mom-to-be's belly should be exempt from reading "Eat at Joe's" or "Valvoline" or "BOGO at Giant Eagle this week."

What's next? Expectant mothers promising to name their children after McDonald's or Nike in exchange for college scholarships? Trading tattoos on one's forehead for a house?

I guess you could see Gordon as an entrepreneur, and this is one way she can get to the Big Game for free, but it's kind of sad, all the same. Sadder still, she has about 45 offers -- and counting.

Hopefully, she won't have to paint a coupon on her stomach.

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