Sunday, January 7, 2007

Let's Play the Feud!

Sometimes, viewers think of deep questions while watching TV. This isn't one of those times.

I wonder if anybody else is curious about "Family Feud" survey questions that go unanswered after a family wins the game. I mean, somebody went to the trouble of surveying 100 studio audience members to learn opinions about burning issues like "Name a day of the week" or "Name one reason drivers slow down."

But once a family reaches 200 points in the finale of the show, we never see the rest of the answers given by the second family member, the poor sap who was sealed in a soundproof booth while the first family member answered the same questions.

My wife says I'm nuts to even wonder such a thing, that once a family reaches 200 points nobody really cares how many more they might have earned.

I take offense to that. I'm somebody, and I want to know.

(Note here that I'm talking about the original Family Feud with host Richard Dawson that airs on Game Show Network. If the new version is still on the air, I don't watch it, nor do I know if they have corrected this oversight. But I hope they have.)

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