Thursday, January 25, 2007

Halfway is no consolation

Here's an excerpt from my weekly printed column, which appears every Thursday in The Alliance Review:

I hate “half,” even though it gives many people comfort.

Folks who say they are halfway finished with a project or halfway through the school year or about half done cleaning the house drive me nuts. I hate hearing I am halfway to retirement or halfway through the workweek, too.

As if reaching the midpoint of anything is a milestone.

My hackles rise at the mention of half because whether you are happy or unhappy with what you are doing, the realization that you have as much behind you as before you is a letdown.

An example: Lately, my wife and I have been hitting the gym daily. Of course, we are not literally hitting it, although the thought of doing violence to a place where I exert myself so frequently has crossed my mind. If I were to do it any real damage, rest assured it would be with my car, not my fist.

If you want to read the rest, pony up your 50 cents at a news box or area store. You'll get all the day's news, too. What a bargain!

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