Monday, February 5, 2007

Cold snap

Something about today and its -3 degree low makes me nostalgic for the Chilly Willy theme song.

You remember Willy, the little cartoon penguin with the hat who was, as his name suggests, always cold? According to Wikipedia, he was the second most popular Walter Lantz Studio animated character, the most popular being Woody Woodpecker.

Anyway, here are Willy's ("Chill" to his friends) lyrics. Enjoy -- and stay warm!

I'm Chilly Willy the penguin.
I shake until I'm blue.
My head is hot and my feet are cold.
Now what about the crocodiles along the river Nile?
I'll bet they're always warm as toast.
They always seem to smile.
I'm always Chilly Willy.
I'm frozen through and through.
My nose is red and my tale is told.

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