Thursday, February 1, 2007

Censors, unite!

Here is an excerpt from the print version of Left of Center, published in The Alliance Review every Thursday:

Oscar nominees were announced last week, but an independent film debuting at the Sundance Film Festival stole most of the headlines.

"Hounddog," filmed in North Carolina and starring Dakota Fanning, created controversy after the Christian Film and Television Commission claimed it violated federal child porn laws and the Catholic League called for a federal investigation.
Apparently, the scene in question depicts a teenager raping Fanning. Those who have seen it report no nudity and a darkly lit set, leaving a lot to viewers’ imaginations.

Credit Fanning, age 12, with having more sense than most of the film’s detractors. Speaking about the scene, she said, "It’s not really happening. It’s a movie, and it’s called acting. I'm not going through anything."

Perhaps a generation raised on the Marlon Brando school of method acting believes Fanning suffered mental and physical duress during filming. If so, she is bearing up well under the pressure.

To read the rest, check out today's Review, only 50 cents at area retailers, far less by subscription.

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